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Energy and the environment are currently two of the largest topics in political discussion.Policymakers and citizens alike have begun to recognize the impact that human behavior and consumption have had on the global environment.As this has become a growing concern, local, national, and international initiatives have sprung up to address the issue of climate change.

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But when the time and resources are limited, it is necessary to narrow the topic of the study.

The great news are that there are so much areas that were studied only briefly, so it’s always a chance to make a discovery.

Climate change and sustainability represent complex, dynamic systems that demand a systems thinking approach.

Systems thinking takes a holistic, long-term perspective that focuses on relationships between interacting parts, and how those relationships generate behavior over time.

System dynamics includes formal mapping and modeling of systems, to improve understanding of the behavior of complex systems as well as how they respond to human or other interventions.

Systems approaches are increasingly seen as critical to climate change education, as the human and natural systems involved in climate change epitomize a complex, dynamic problem that crosses disciplines and societal sectors.You may find agencies which employ the best experts at writing an education research paper here: The first crossroad you may face is: shall the topic be about living beings or inanimate objects?What is more interesting for you: rains, oceans, lava and rocks or plants, animals and mushrooms?The delay between decisions that cause climate change and their full societal impact can range from decades to millennia.As a result, learning from education, rather than experience, is necessary to avoid those impacts.It cannot be addressed by a few individuals with privileged access to information, but rather requires transfer of knowledge, both intellectually and affectively, to decision-makers and their constituents at all levels.Second, education is needed because, in the case of climate change, learning from experience is learning too late.Whatever you choose, be sure to thoroughly study the researches done before you take the topic.Usually there is a lot of space to go, but it is very important not to repeat something done before you, and in environmental science it is an extremely easy way to do.Or you may take the role of an independent spectator and just watch how our Earth evolved through the ages and what happens to it now.Also – though it is much more difficult – you may think about the ways humanity can actually help its home world.


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