Research Proposal International Relations

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Dr Dong-Min starts by providing a short overview of the development of the concept in international politics, before moving on to a discussion of three main theoretical approaches used to understand the concept of a middle power.

The author then details the limitations of these various approaches, and explains why an alternative theoretical approach, namely classical realism, is better suited to analysing middle powers.

It is relatively easy to ask a new question; it is more challenging to set out how you might come up with a convincing answer!

Methods do not only mean empirical methodologies such as semi-structured interviews or surveys and statistical interpretation; it also might involve a statement on the kind of theoretical framework you will employ, a certain kind of approach to history or a way to understand political ideas. This should be set out over three years with clear indications of how long you will need to prepare for and carry out research (however defined) and allow time for writing up. Each of these criteria helps the Department of Politics and International Relations selectors make a good judgement about your proposal.

Literature reviews are not simply descriptive mapping exercises at Ph D level.

Here you should identify a small number of key texts and say something about how these books are important for your research - whether it is to support, extend, or challenge existing work.The students carried out a survey experiment on how the use of the terms ? It might be helpful for students writing literature reviews and book reviews for their assignments or research projects. to refer to people arriving from Syria affects people? The web page contains an executive summary of the research and a full research report written by two undergraduate students.To whom might the Ph D be interesting - scholars looking at a particular issue, communities within specific institutions or certain groups of people?A short note of key existing literature situates the Ph D in existing research.The value of the Ph D follows closely from the aims.Think about how the ways it might improve our political thinking - a new perspective or the generation of new evidence?This involves looking at something that no-one has looked at before, or it might mean taking a fresh approach to an existing topic or issue.The aims of your research should be a short list of answers to the question - what will the Ph D do?Research proposals are also used to correctly match you with an appropriate supervisor/supervision team.If you are interested in the work of a specific potential supervisor, and especially if you have already discussed your proposed project with this person, be sure to make reference to this in your proposal.


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