Research Proposal On Hiv Aids

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One of the first epidemics of time, the bubonic plague which was also paraphrased as the Black Death, began in 1346.

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Without much needed assistance, Africa may lose this war against not only its people, but also its economy, which could lead to political downfall.

Background Lessons from history make the problem of the AIDS epidemic more comprehensive.

While the Black Death was the first of these types of catastrophic epidemics, it was not the last.

Cholera was a world wide epidemic that infected large parts of the world over seven different periods of time.

One third of these victims are between the ages of ten and twenty-four.

Research Proposal On Hiv Aids

The disease has been described as a development crisis; it is profoundly disrupting the economic and social bases of families and entire nations at a rate of infection at 16,000 per day.

Although many theories also exist as to where AIDS began in Africa, most evidence points to the theory that it began somewhere in the region of East Central sub-Saharan Africa.

Many sources also agree that AIDS probably began closer to the Great Lakes Region since the countries that contain or border these lakes are the countries in which the largest numbers of AIDS patients have been documented to date.

Like a simple exponential growth equation, the AIDS virus has increased victim numbers by about forty million all over the world.

AIDS has also shown that it is not discriminating; it has infected all races and all heritages.


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