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Well, it's not the same business plan I wrote in 1996.

I refresh it every few years (because things change), but it's helpful for me as a self-employed entrepreneur to have a master plan to work off of.

The owner, Mr Kennedy Walker, and his family will provide a total of $150,000 while the other part will be sourced from the owner’s bank.

SALES FORECAST First Fiscal Year $150,000 Second Fiscal Year $350,000 Third Fiscal Year $500,000 Above is the sales forecast for Real Deal HR Consulting, LLC.

MISSION STATEMENT Our mission in the industry is to offer very quality resume writing services and other related document writing services to individuals, profit organizations as well as to non-profit organization to be able to accomplish their application needs.

We want to be the number one choice for document preparation and any other document related service.A lot of them have begun taking their businesses to the online world, making it less difficult for them to be able to connect with clients in all corners of the world.Target Market The following make up our target market in the resume writing service industry: SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGY We are very keen in building our resume writing service agency into a very big business.For most self-employed folks, business plans are an essential element to starting and running a successful business.It doesn't matter if your business is large, small, online or offline — having a solid business plan is a key indicator of future success.Nonetheless, we will make sure to hire only employees who are very hardworking, competent, honest and experienced.The following are the positions to be occupied by employees to make up our business structure: MARKET ANALYSIS Market Trend One intriguing trend in the industry is that most entrepreneurs in the resume writing business are no longer just settling down for clients who are in their immediate environment.We have been able to arrive at this amount based on thorough research and feasibility studies we were able to carry out in the industry.The startup capital will be gathered from two sources.Because of this, we have been able to consult several sales and marketing experts and consultants for us to be able to draft out our sales and marketing strategy to make us stand out in the industry.The following are the various sales and marketing strategies which will help us actualize our business vision and mission: FINANCIAL PLAN Source of Startup Capital We will require a total liquid startup capital which amounts to 0,000 in order for us to fully start our resume writing business in Washington DC, United States.


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