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This 'digging deeper' allows me to accurately identify the best way to represent your past and your future with an employer.

This results in a more persuasive and professional document and has greater appeal to an employer. The real purpose of a resume is only to secure an interview.

Resumes that are good at communicating why you would be good for their organisation.

And a resume that is not just the same as all the others they read. A resume is a personal marketing document that presents you in the best possible light and communicates why you would be good for the employer.

I will gather detailed information about your work history, your natural abilities, aspects of previous roles you liked most, how you think you contributed best in previous roles and other related information.

This is done in person or via a questionnaire (see options and pricing below).As an award-winning business owner who has scripted and produced television and radio commercials, I understand personal marketing well.And personal marketing is exactly what a successful resume is all about.Simon Davies at Gold Coast Resume Writing knows how to create a resume that stands the best possible chance of you being invited for an interview.How do I do this: As a qualified Career Counselor, I know how to identify your natural abilities and persuasively communicate this to an employer.Cash, Visa, Mastercard or Direct Deposit available.Cover letters are a critical part of a job application.It's quite an art to get right if you are going to beat other job seekers.I have been involved in career counseling and resume writing for over 15 years.It is often not the best candidate that wins the job....but rather the person who knows best how to match what they have, with what the employer is looking for..


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