Review Of Related Literature And Studies About Bullying

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Their work led to the conclusion that the children involved in cyberbullying situations had weaker emotional links with their parents, a higher level of parental discipline, and a lower frequency of parental monitoring.

An inverse relationship between parental support and involvement as perpetration was also found, as well as between parental control and victimization.

The authors found that parental monitoring, as an integral part of a warm and supportive relationship, seems to be more closely related to a decreased involvement of children in cyberbullying, both as perpetrators and as victims.

Definitively, these studies demonstrated the decisive role that family variables play in the prevention of this phenomenon (Elsaesser et al. The main objective of our study is to carry out a systematic review of the literature, focusing on the role played by family variables in cyberbullying, both in terms of perpetration and victimization.

This can be seen through the search by title of the terms “cyberbullying OR cybervictim” in databases such as Science Direct, SCOPUS, Pub Med, and Web of Science.

The works published from 2016 to 2018 represent approximately 50% of the total amount of publications with the same search criteria.

Specifically, Science Direct found publications from 2007 to 2019, and the 2016–2018 period represents 52%.

In SCOPUS, we found such publications since 2010, with the 2016–2018 period corresponding to 51%.

The research covers a two-year period, between October 2016 and October 2018.

The main reason for the selection of this period is the notable increase in the volume of publications on the phenomenon over the past three years.


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