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Napoleon abdicated and was sent to Elba by the Treaty of Paris. Napoleon made another attempt to recover his empire.He escaped from Elba and landed in France where he was received with tremendous enthusiasm.The Continental System was partly responsible for Napoleon’s downfall.

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Napoleon’s harsh treatment towards the Pope aroused opposition from Catholics everywhere.

This was the moment for the enemy powers to unite and start the Battle of the Nations.

Large French forces were kept occupied in the Peninsula at a time when Napoleon was in need of them elsewhere in Europe.

The Peninsular War dragged on for the rest of his reign.

A coalition of powers comprising Britain, Holland, Spain, Austria, Prussia, Naples, Portugal etc. France was to be ruled by a small council of three Consuls. The position of the First Consul was but a stepping stone for the further rise of Napoleon.

In 1804, Napoleon declared himself the “Emperor of the French”.

The British army had landed in Portugal and from there helped the Spanish insurgents.

It was there that Napoleon suffered his first serious opposition on land.

In Germany he created the “confederation of the Rhine” consisting of 38 German states.

By 1807 all the major powers except England had come under his domination.


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