Roller Skating Rink Business Plan

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Roller skating rinks have been viable and rewarding businesses for decades.Just like a rink or facility manager, an owner-operator is directly responsible for operations, development and revenue opportunities., we have a pretty good handle on all that you need to know before you open a roller skating rink.

Demos can be as quick as 20 minutes or can be as long as you like.

Be sure to check us out, you won’t be disappointed!

You may even decide to try a new city or state to find a site that needs a rink, indoor skatepark or arena.

Finding an existing or new site and developing a solid plan for the facility is the beginning of the road to your rink kingdom.

The majority of roller rinks, skateparks, and skating centers are either owned or operated by current or former skaters.

Owning and operating a rink of any kind is an important job, requiring a range of both skating and business knowledge and demands a lot of advanced planning.All of Lil YPad’s online and local features are inegrated so Skate World’s party bookings are processed through Skate World’s website and are immediately visible to anyone logged into their Lil YPad point of sale system.This real-time interaction provides Skate World and their customers up-to-date information about availability and also offers over-booking protection!But, the owner has the option of hiring managers and program directors to take care of the day-to-day details of running the facility and its activities.The first big step in becoming a roller skating rink owner or skating facility operator is to find the perfect location.As a business with plenty of experience, Skate World recognized the importance of staying current with technology, especially in the current digital age; this brought them to Lil YPad and its online booking features that Skate World is currently utilizing for all its online booking needs.Lil YPad also served as Skate World’s local point of sale system for all of their in-house sales and services.All this functionality combined with Lil YPad’s easy to use interface and reasonable price makes Lil YPad an easy choice for any Roller Skating Rink! The online waiver management system lets Rogue Air Park’s customers create their own customer profiles and sign their waivers before they even get to the park!We have only highlighted a few of the main features that Skate World is using.Subscribe to roller sports trade publications to take advantage of their classified ads.Get in touch with sports centers and skating rinks near your area to find any leads they may have or opportunities to buy or lease that they may be offering.


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