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Byrne believes that a reader comes to understand Emily by what the town thinks of her.This can be easily understood because in fact the narrator is a member of the town.The town of Jefferson was deeply indirectly involved in the life of Emily Grierson.

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She thinks that Emily has no recognition of fallen figures like her father and Colonel Sartoris.

Celia backs this belief when she says that Emily believes she has no taxes in Jefferson because of verbal agreement with the Colonel "who had been dead for ten years." (1) A time when her family had power in the South and when the Grierson name meant something.

Importance of Setting in William Faulkner's A Rose for Emily Setting is place and time, and often provides more than a mere backdrop for the action of a story.

William Faulkner uses this device in his complex short story "A Rose for Emily" to give insight into the lonely world of Miss Emily Grierson.

Byrne says that "We can posit that the narrator constructs this story-telling as a stream of associations, a mesh of dramatic scenes and images." (1) These images that the narrator gives us curves a readers thought of Emily.

We at one point pity her because of her loneliness and at another despise her because of her grossness.

By understanding "A Rose for Emily" one can see how much of an impact setting can have on the life of a person.

The way it can mold one's thought is incredible and sometimes unbearable to believe.

It can cause one to do terrible things as is seen in this story. "A Rose for Emily." Discovering Literature: Stories, Poems, Plays.

The town of Jefferson causes Emily to do the things she does.


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