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This fairly large product mix enables the Coca-Cola Company to satisfy the needs of their consumers’ thirst, whatever it may be.This type of product mix allows the Coca-Cola Company to achieve its mission statement in which it states that it wants to “refresh the world” (Coca-Cola Company, 2006).Much of this growth is coming out of Latin America, the BRIC, and Western Europe (“Innovation, acquisitions”, 2007).

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Coca-Cola’s products can be viewed as both business and consumer products.

Place/Distribution: Another crucial part of the marketing mix is place and distribution of an organizations product. retailers and distributors) instead of directly selling to distribute its products worldwide (Coca-Cola Datamonitor, 2007).

Place and distribution strategies are “concerned with making products available when and where customers want them” (Hair, Lamb, & Mc Daniel, 2006, p. The Coca-Cola Company states in its mission statement that it wants to offer its products to all consumers globally (Coca-Cola Company, 2006). The Coca-Cola Company also uses intensive distribution strategies to make sure their products can be available everywhere.

The distributors and retail stores that the Coca-Cola Company deals with often implement their own pricing strategy (Coca-Cola Datamonitor, 2007).

Gas stations and convenient stores usually sell Coca-Cola products at a fixed price.


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