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We arranged the holidays in chronological order from Independence Day to Inauguration Day in In addition to these core books, we offer two optional books to help measure your student's understanding of the material.

Most parents choose one or the other for each child, though you can use both for one student if you wish.

At the beginning of each weekly unit, an introductory page gives a list of the lessons and a list of what additional books the student will be using while studying that particular unit.

Most students will be able to follow the instructions on their own.

The full-color pages are richly illustrated with both modern and historical photographs and illustrations.

At the end of each regular (non-holiday) lesson is a list of several supplemental activities.

In the SAM Vendors Search page, no assignments exist if the Delete icon is enabled.

The following table describes selected fields on the SAM Vendors Search page.

Main address site of the SAM Vendor that can be used for tax reporting purposes.

If users select Yes, this site is associated with the assigned supplier with the physical location address information from SAM.


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