Saving Natural Resources Essay

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Littering is often the main cause for that foul smell you encounter while passing through a particular location.

Accumulation of garbage results in deadly diseases such as malaria and cholera to name few.

The vegetation, aquatic life, all living species including humans are deeply affected by the condition of the environment they live in.

Hence it is evident beyond doubt that a clean environment is very much necessary for a healthy eco system.

An unchecked urbanization will have a disastrous effect on the environment resulting in the demise of many living species.

Ozone layer is responsible for the protection of earth species from strong ultra violet radiations from Sun, which could result in deadly disorders like skin cancer, cataract and a reduction in the immune system.Man’s insatiable desires to expand his wealth and boundaries have lead to unreasonable deforestation.One of the major effects of deforestation is the increase in the level of the environmental CO2.Various human activities such as use of unchecked Air Conditioners, pesticides etc results in the emission of ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances) also known as secondary pollutants, which results in the holes into the ozone layer exposing living beings to harmful UV rays from the sun.The expanse in population results in the urbanization and consequently deforestation.The environment in which urban people live depends hugely on their habits and lifestyle.Urbanization leads to deforestation and reduction in natural resources most prominently water.A clean environment is necessary for a healthy society, unfortunately due to various factors its condition is depleting every day.Steps must be taken by a Nation and society for the prevention of Environmental pollution and to increase the quality of natural resources like water, air etc that all living or non-living forms are subjected to.Some of the prime factors leading to a damaged environment are narrated below- Gases such as CO2 (Carbon di-oxide), CO (Carbon mono oxide), NH3 (Ammonia) do a considerable amount of damage to the environment.Human activities like burning of fossil fuel, cement production etc results in the emission of CO2 gas.


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