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If you are reading this page, you are probably far enough along in your program to think about beginning your dissertation or submitting it.We hope that you find the information in this guide sufficient to helping you complete these tasks painlessly.We work to promote new disciplinary attitudes and mentor students to be confident in their core competencies that have been nurtured by valuing diversity.

If you are reading this page, you are probably far enough along in your program to think about beginning your dissertation or submitting it.

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Let us guide the way to your bright future with an education that will further enlighten you, extend your knowledge of Christianity, and encourage you to become closer to the Lord..

We want to educate you in ways that you can share with others constantly in your life.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) degree program of the Chicago Theological Seminary educates persons to reflect synthetically on religion, social justice, and culture by encouraging interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to texts and contexts.

We advise and mentor leaders to become scholars who will work at the highest levels of teaching and research within the academy, religious communities, and the public square.

DALLAS, TX—Local man Dane Osler, who graduated seminary with a Master of Theology three years ago, recently reported that he is still waiting for his incredibly specific dissertation topic to come up in any casual conversation, sources confirmed Tuesday. At a recent party, the scholar engaged in dozens of different conversations, the riches of knowledge on the incredibly specific theological topic lurking in the corners of his mind, ready for an opportunity to be unleashed.

But Osler continued to be disappointed with the topics of conversation presented to him, as his friends and acquaintances only wanted to talk about topics that were relevant to their daily lives, according to sources.“I can’t believe no one has asked me to explain the difference between exegetical modes in postexilic writings and the late Second Temple period yet,” the learned man muttered as he excused himself from yet another conversation that was “going nowhere.”“Any second now, someone will ask me to exegete the subversive intentions of the author in the second chapter of Nehemiah,” he added as he refilled his plastic cup with orange pop.Students must also attend one non-credit course that will meet periodically over one academic year to support the students’ professional development.After the oral examination of the written exams and the dissertation proposal, students are admitted to candidacy, and spend the remainder of the program writing their dissertations, which conclude with an oral dissertation exam.The CTS Ph D program is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary degree emphasizing cultural criticism and textual hermeneutics oriented toward social justice.Students in the program have multiple areas of inquiry around which they can focus their studies.Each of our programs allows you to work at your own pace.Every section of work finished is passed along and graded by your Christian mentor.Get your undergraduate degree, bachelors degree, masters degree, or certificate at your own pace with one of our Christian college programs.Whether your interest lies in biblical studies, christian counseling, ministry, christian leadership, christian theology, evangelism, or missions work, Colorado Theological Seminary has a program for you.Candidates for this degree must demonstrate outstanding academic performance, competence in critical research and writing, and a high level of personal leadership and Christian character.Students may qualify to enroll in the sixty credit Ph D with a Master of Divinity degree, or a research-based master’s degree like BJU Seminary’s MA in Biblical Language & Literature.


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