Sewing Machine Problem Solving

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The tension of the upper thread can almost always be adjusted with a little wheel on top of the machine.This would be how to do it on the Bernina, Singer, Brother, Kenmore, and most other sewing machine brands.You rarely want to change the tension of the bobbin thread.

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This makes it easier to remove the stitches as they are fewer and longer.

By doing so you won’t notice the stitches as much afterward.

Thread bunched up in the shuttle race often causes the sewing machine to lock up.

Work the needle up and out of the shuttle race by rocking the hand wheel back and forth.

Clean lint and debris from the shuttle race every 3 months because it often attracts lint and dust.

Sewing Machine Problem Solving

Clean the feed dogs at the same time because they also attract lint and dust.Zero will be the shortest stitch you can do and five will be the longest stitch on the machine.When you are sewing two pieces of fabric together temporarily, you will use a long stitch.Clean those areas more often when using the sewing machine regularly. If the machine won't pick up the bobbin thread because the shuttle hook isn't synched with the needle, adjust the needle timing.Adjustment of the needle timing usually requires service by a technician.You may be able to remove the needle from its clamp if you're not able to raise the needle out of the shuttle race using the hand wheel.Pull the fabric away and clear the bunched thread out of the shuttle race.If thread bunches up again immediately after you start sewing and you thoroughly cleaned the shuttle race, then needle and shuttle hook synchronization may need to be adjusted.Adjusting the needle timing typically requires service by a technician, who has special tools to synchronize the shuttle hook with the needle.If you have to change the tension you can do so by turning that little screw mounted on the bobbin case: But first, you need to make sure that this is actually the problem.All this you can read more about how to test out in the link below.. It might be bent or damaged without you noticing it.


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