Short Essays On Drug Abuse

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People belonging to the deprived section of society, like rag pickers and small workers are more susceptible to drug abuse which often develops to drug addiction.

World Statistics on Drug Abuse As discussed above, the participants of a rave party or people belonging to lower strata of society are more susceptible to drug abuse.

Drug Abuse and Children Drug abuse by children is a matter of prime concern, mainly in underdeveloped and developing nations.

Children belonging to poor, deprived and socially backward sections of the society are often trapped into drug abuse by an organized syndicate for easy money.

However, the statics from around the world reveal a set drug abuse pattern based on age of the victim and other factors.

World Statistics reveal that drug abuse is more prevalent in Eastern Europe and United States, affecting 5-6% of the total population.Someone might use drug to get some kind of high or pleasure while someone might use it to escape boredom or depression.An overdose of drug taken to escape reality could cause fatal physical and psychological consequences to the abused, even resulting in death in serious cases.Males constitute over 60% of all globally reported drug abuse cases.Number of deaths caused due to drug abuse in United States has shot up to twice than the previous decade.Drug abuse could result from anyone being forcibly ingested with drug or being fooled into consuming something laced with drug.In some cases, the social status of the victim and his/her environment plays a vital role in substance abuse.Madame Koo can bust a move or two, so join her on the dance floor, Sneaky Disco style with an anything goes attitude. Word Count: 860; Approx Pages: 3; Save Essay; View my Saved Essays; Downloads: 63. Essay drug abuse its prevention 600 word essay on respect for elders essay on machine translation system essayons miossec lyrics essay on. The effects of drug abuse during pregnancy have long been documented.Move your feet to Koo’s fusion beat of all the classic soul, disco, Rn B, indie, rock and pop. Someone may become a victim of drug abuse during rave parties or any such gathering, in which the participants have access to different drugs.Many of them might have first time exposure to the drug and its effects, often resulting in its overdose, causing serious health issues.


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