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I had a 60,000-word novel that needed 80,000–100,000 before I could submit it to agents.I combed through my manuscript, marking scenes I thought I could expand. It uses the five senses (and sixth) to evoke an emotional response from your reader without telling them how you want them to feel.But let’s say, you have a line in your book that says:“Years passed and during that time Yulia hardly ever thought of the incident again. And I’d appreciate it, please, if—Jon, Fiona—the pair of you could act like a pair of grown-up, professional detectives and get your arses over to the scene without fucking anything up or making me want to strangle you.’He hasn’t even finished his speech, before I have my jacket on, bag over my shoulder, keys in my hand. That balance of showing and telling is pretty much representative of my own books, but also of fiction in general.

I had a 60,000-word novel that needed 80,000–100,000 before I could submit it to agents.

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Please edit the question to limit it to a specific problem with enough detail to identify an adequate answer. See the How to Ask page for help clarifying this question. My heart pounded, and my hand began to feel clammy against my bouncing knee.

I began to pace back and forth, stomping my feet impatiently at each end of the room.

I’d really like to see that happening, rather than just being told it’s happening.

It would give us a lot more insight into their characters.” Okay. I’m not sure I understand how you can’t see it happening when I’m telling you it’s happening. GIVEAWAY: Jessica is excited to give away a free copy of her book to a random commenter.

The thin line of mortar needed before you lay the next stone.

So next time you hear “Show, Don’t tell”, remember: Harry Bingham has been a professional author for twenty years and more. His work has been adapted for the screen and he’s enjoyed (almost) every minute of his career. As head of Jericho Writers (and previously the Writers’ Workshop), Harry has helped hundreds of people find agents and get published.

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Not just good advice, in fact, but absolutely essential to any half-decent novel. These things get confusing when spoken about in the abstract, so we’ll use plenty of examples to show you exactly what’s what. Glances once, then looks more sharply.‘No, that’s not right,’ she says, and starts picking at the bottom with a fingernail. A sheet of paper, blank on the upper side, but with writing in clear purplish-black ink on the lower. That is, via a scene, told real time, with your characters moving about – talking, acting, reacting, feeling – and experiencing the events moment by moment. Those scenes are what keep your readers reading your novel. Showing is for drama (and your book should be mostly drama.)Telling is for the efficient delivery of all the non-dramatic information your book requires. and we’d absolutely love it if you chose to join us. So we know that our scenes are going to be mostly shown: that is, played out real time, with moment-by-moment action and – in most cases – with plenty of dialogue too. There’s a moment of serious wobble where it looks like the whole thing might collapse, but Jon adjusts a grip somewhere and the edifice stabilises.‘There! ‘It’s doomy.’‘Fuck’s sake,’ Jon says again, down on his knees now, finding bits of lost tyrannosaur under his desk. He has the look of a man meditating some tedious comment about how the construction and demolition of dinosaurs is not what Jon and I are paid to do. On one side the mug says ‘GRAMMAR POLICE’ and on the other, ‘WARNING.

At the same time, virtually every novel ever written contains passages that are told, not shown . I already looked under the newspaper and saw just the pale, bleached colour of old pine – pine that has never seen the sun – but that was me being dumb. Your novel should be formed almost completely of such scenes. The way I usually think about it is that my dramatic scenes are the stones in my wall, but for the wall to hold together, to be intact, it needs a little bit of mortar too. We also know that the reader needs some facts to make sense of the drama, and those facts are most efficiently just told to the reader. And that’s how we are—me, Jon, the bones of the fallen—when Dennis Jackson comes in. The detective chief inspector who presides over our happy breed, this little world. He doesn’t say that, though even thinking it is tedious. I am silently correcting your grammar.’ When I was given the mug, it came with black insulating tape over the word ‘silently’.


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