Simmias Harmony Thesis

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During the voyage of the sacred ship to and from Delos, which has occupied thirty days, the execution of Socrates has been deferred. Mem.) The time has been passed by him in conversation with a select company of disciples.

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(Recall our discussion of the doctrine in Plato's ).

Be able to present and explain the argument in as clear a manner as possible.

If the soul is supposed to come into conflict with the body, it is not easy to see how and the soul is reputed to control it and take responsibility for its actions.

Scorates must therefore answer the question by defining what he perceives the body to consist of, or things felt in accordance with the body".

Socrates gives a beautiful little sermon on why we shouldn't become misologues from 89d-91c.

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The aspects he talks of - anger, fear, desire - are the very things he described in Republic as the inferior components of the soul.

Does this, then, contradict this defence and suggest that the soul and body are, in effect, similar entities since they contain the same components? desire) mean that it would do what it wanted, despite what the soul (reason) said.

After an interval of some months or years, and at Phlius, a town of Peloponnesus, the tale of the last hours of Socrates is narrated to Echecrates and other Phliasians by Phaedo the 'beloved disciple.' The Dialogue necessarily takes the form of a narrative, because Socrates has to be described acting as well as speaking.

The minutest particulars of the event are interesting to distant friends, and the narrator has an equal interest in them.


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