Stress Research Paper

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For the very purpose, it was notorious that there broadly are two stressors that are external in nature and have a solid impact on person’s abilities.

These stressors include, Health Factors and Social Factors.

Rather than showing the fight-or-flight response to stress, the study indicates that men show a "tend-and-befriend" response. With increasing age, telomeres shorten, and studies have shown that oxidative stress and inflammation accelerate shortening. New research reveals that children who have a parent with a history of alcohol abuse face a greater risk of consuming more alcohol after stressful situations. Handling stress appropriately in class and on the field can tip the scale toward success for the millions of students, according to new research. A new international study shows that two distinct brain regions that regulate emotion and stress are affected by city living. Researchers at Brown University have found that some stressful life events cause panic symptoms to increase gradually over time, rather than to trigger an immediate panic attack.

Studies in the late 1990s first argued that women exhibited this response as a consequence of stress. Shorter telomere length has also been associated with recurrent depression and cortisol levels indicating exposure to chronic stress. An article draws on the existing scientific literature to explain the positive effects of mindfulness meditation that help deal with the mental and physiological effects of stress. According to the first study to show a direct link between stress trajectories and mortality in an aging population, men who experience persistently moderate or high levels of stressful life events over a number of years have a 50 percent higher mortality rate. (Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 99(4), Oct. Being born and raised in a major urban area is associated with greater lifetime risk for anxiety and mood disorders. A new study suggests that people become depressed more easily following minor setbacks in part because they have experienced adversity early in life or previous depressive episodes, making them more sensitive to stress. (31(14):5470-5476) Read more Even relatively mild stress can lead to long term disability and an inability to work, reveals a recent study: Subjects with mild stress were up to 70% more likely to receive disability benefits. Scientists have made a recent breakthrough concerning how anxiety is regulated in the vertebrate brain.

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To learn more and make choices about data use, visit our Advertising Policy and Privacy Policy.Scientists assessed clinimetric criteria for the determination of allostatic load, which reflects the cumulative effects of stressful experiences in daily life.Allostatic overload is chronic exposure to fluctuating or heightened neural or neuroendocrine responses exceeding an individual’s coping resources. Researchers have found that stress-activating factors can turn on certain genes that were supposed to be silenced.We are taking the Intellectual Abilities and Academic performance to be the dependent variable where as stress is regarded to be an independent variable.The type of research is Quantitative whereas 100 is the number of participants and our sample size that is to be included in the research.Internationally there is a meaningful work and research conducted on the issue but there were no break through research available domestically.Mental health is actually the parameter for improved or enhanced performance in every society.It is within this research framework that we want to find out how much stress on gender basis affects the academic performances of Masters Students of National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences.Consequently, this paper attempts to determine the factors of stress resulting from health and social factors affecting intellectual factors which on further analysis on gender basis affect the academic performance of students.Their findings show that the protective complexes are lost, and selected genes turned on when cells are exposed to external stress factors. Long-term exposure to a common stress hormone may leave a lasting mark on the genome and influence how genes that control mood and behavior are expressed, according to a mouse study by Johns Hopkins researchers.First of all we would to thank FAST School of management for giving us the opportunity to work on this project.


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