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Every section further has to be an umbrella for a number of subdivisions – brief key ideas for you not to forget to mention.A citation or two from your literature sources may be used within the essay, so add it to your outline along with the explanation of how it is related to the topic and supports the argument.Since you were asking Google to help you with the essay outline, you may be seeking for another kind of help.

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For this, you can paraphrase some famous phrases or give the allusions to other famous titles, connecting them to the topic or just summarize the essay in a couple of words.

Be brief, the title should not become a long sentence: make fewer words convey more meaning.

As soon as you are ready with the purpose of your essay, start composing a thesis statement, which should be a strong and arguable, well-formulated claim, supported by the arguments throughout the essay and restated in conclusion.

It often happens that teachers want to see this sentence at the top of the outline to make sure you’ve correctly interpreted the given topic.

Nothing describes an outline better than calling it simply ‘a plan.’ And no matter what type of academic paper you are supposed to write, this plan will come in handy to collect and organize your ideas for further writing and building the information flow.

Mca Assignment - Task 3 Essay Outline

Despite you may consider an outline as an unnecessary and time-consuming work, it is assigned by teachers as a separate task to ease the process of writing for you but not take your time for no reason.

And yet, it may sound weird but better prepare your outline before writing a paper.

Create a catchy title for your essay or research paper if you don’t have the one given by the teacher.

Therefore, the introduction should provide the main points from the overview of your topic (but don’t be too detailed here) and explain your goals, while the conclusion should summarize your objectives and reasonings, highlight their importance and probably ahistorical value to make your thesis statement more persuasive.

Not to mix up anything in the outline, use Roman numerals (I, IV, XI, etc.), Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3), lowercase and/or uppercase letters (a, b, c, A, B, C), dashes, bullets.


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