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For more information, students should contact: The College of New Jersey P. Box 7718 Ewing, New Jersey 08628-0718 United States Phone: 609-771-2131 Website: A Liberal Learning Curriculum ensures that all students are grounded in the values of civic responsibility, intellectual and scholarly growth, and that they receive a well-rounded education in the liberal arts.In 2004, the College completed a transformation of its curriculum requiring students to complete fewer courses, while adding depth to each course pursued.Top students may enroll in TCNJ's Honors Program, designed to provide a core curriculum with additional challenges and opportunities for individualized work.

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The admissions committee at TCNJ accepts a class of motivated, ambitious, and highly talented students.

Most successful applicants have taken 16 college-preparatory units in high school, demonstrating mastery of the core academic areas of Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Sciences, and Foreign Languages.

In order to enhance student development and empowerment, TCNJ's curriculum is built around five key experiences which permeate every major across seven academic schools.

Small classes prioritizing discussion and inquiry create a Personalized, Rigorous, and Collaborative Learning Environment where students and faculty work side by side in developing skills and applying concepts.

TCNJ admits a diverse class each year full of ambitious students, eager to build on their educational foundations and dive into new topics.

These students will ultimately find a home away from home on campus, and ninety-five percent of first-year students will return for their second year.The required First-Year Seminar, the cornerstone of the Liberal Learning program, introduces students to the habits of mind and the methodologies of research; The seminar format of no more than 15 students reinforces the message that students are not passive recipients of knowledge but rather active contributors in their own learning.Liberal Learning requirements are grouped by diversity and community engagement goals that can be self-designed or designated as interdisciplinary concentrations.Other barometers of student success include the 100 percent pass rate of education majors taking the state teacher preparation test and the 94 percent three-year pass rate for nursing students obtaining their license.The numerous learning opportunities at The College prepare students to prosper in any arena after the completion of their undergraduate career.The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) has created a culture of constant questioning.In small classes, students and faculty members collaborate in a rewarding process.TCNJ graduates boast a 64% acceptance rate into Medical School and an 88% acceptance rate into Law School.Many top corporations recruit TCNJ graduates, providing avenues into rewarding jobs directly after graduation.This staff is composed of professors with terminal degrees in exclusivity; no courses are taught by graduate students or Teacher's Assistants.The College shapes its curricula and educational experiences around the concept of Personalized, Collaborative, and Rigorous Intellectual Development.


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