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The first sentence links back to the previous paragraph.The use of keywords such as studying at tertiary level reminds the reader of what they read previously.We’re located in building 1 level 3 room 8, just across from the Concourse café and the Careers Office. Please feel free to come and visit us and chat to an Advisor about receiving academic language support to complete your assesements. Generally speaking a reference list must accompany your essay.

Start with a sentence that links back to the subject discussed in the body of the essay.

Following this, give a brief summary of your argument or information to make it easier for the reader to recall the overall content of your paper. You may also wish to identify the main reasons, causes or factors that relate to the question that you’ve been asked to address.

It’s also a good idea to avoid using long quotations at the end of your essay.

Be careful not to focus on only one minor point in the conclusion - it is essential to summarise all of the main points covered.

Here is an example of a conclusion written specifically for this essay topic on academic language and literacy.

You will notice that it comprises all of the elements that we just discussed.

Restating ‘your thesis’ at this point articulates the purpose of your writing and gives it a sense of unity.

Finally, recommendations for future action or speculation on future trends may be mentioned here.

A very common mistake that students make is introducing new material, new evidence or new points into their conclusion that have not been previously mentioned in the body of the essay.

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