The Art Of Solving Problems

The Art Of Solving Problems-49
The real problems are almost always problems of the personal nature, problems of an underdeveloped inner core.

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Or you can continue with the stop-gap measures and flounder in frustration.

All the above problems have both surface-level solutions and root-level solutions. If you want to grow a big, tall, lush green tree, you need to focus attention on building a strong root system.

Or the tree won’t suck up enough water, leaving it permanently stunted and extra-vulnerable doing droughts.

In the end, the total weight of the tree is proportional to the extent of its roots. Instead, people want the things they want, directly: Oh yeah? You can want in one hand and crap in the other and see which one gets filled faster.

Guess I’m stuck.” No, you’re just not thinking big-picture enough or you’re being too lazy to work the whole thread.

Unravel it all and start putting the things in place that need to be in place that will allow you to make the money to easily afford organic food and a gym membership. There is no other way to find work that’s rewarding, expressive, and fully aligned with your top values. You may have to go back to school to learn the necessary skills to move into your dream position.Or, the reason you hate your boss isn’t because he’s a stubborn jackass (although he probably is), it’s because you don’t have the courage to quit a job that you know deep down isn’t aligned with your values.Or, the reason you’re struggling to make money isn’t because companies are out to screw over the little guy (although many actually are), it’s because you have a limiting belief that keeps you from exercising your leverage when negotiating your salary.As you make this shift you will gain a sense of relief and personal power.No longer will you live with the frustration of wondering, “Why can’t I get this part of my life handled?If the roots are weak, the wind from a thunderstorm can along and tear the tree out of the ground.Or the tree won’t get enough nutrient absorption from the soil, turning the leaves brown.Robust roots are necessary to provide the support and nutrients to fuel the growth of a big strong tree and sustain it afterwards.Neglecting the roots to focus on improving the branches and leaves is backwards.Or, the reason you’re struggling to lose weight isn’t because the latest fad diet doesn’t work (although it probably doesn’t), it’s because you see food as a way to maximize the pleasure you feel in your mouth.Most doctors, authors, consultants, and self-help gurus don’t like to tell you these things because it’s not an idea that sells very well. If you can summon the courage to look inward and work on yourself, you can build a permanently awesome life.


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