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This is the first time I've come across Liliana Heker, apparently very well-known in her native Argentina.

This is the first time I've come across Liliana Heker, apparently very well-known in her native Argentina.The book is a small one and I wished I'd found it in Spanish; I think these stories would be perfect for reading in Spanish.

In the short story, The Stolen Party, the author demonstrates the interactions and prejudices between the rich and the middle-working class.

Initially, when someone's trying to look out for you and protect you from getting hurt, one hear things he/she may not want to hear.

She feels like she belongs and is a part of this wonderful world, but in the end, she discovers that she was considered the "help" and that was the only reason she was even invited.

All the joy of the party is stolen away in the moment Seniora Ines tries to pay her, and even the stuff that wasn't a task (like getting to hold the monkey) doesn't matter to her anymore, it was tarnished.

People tend to react in a defensive manner and ignore the things they do not want to acknowledge. As a mother, you want to protect your daughter and that is exactly what Rosaura's mother tried to do.

She went with her utmost instinct and told her daughter why she disapproved her from attending the party, even though she was being bluntly honest. Middle In addition, people sometimes feel like an outcast from others, so they try to impress them by fitting in with the crowd.She believes that even if she is the maid's daughter she is welcomely accepted in the party.Although she is only nine years old, Rosaura feels confident that she knows more about rich people than her mother.No matter how many times we are told we are not the same, we just cannot accept the fact we are different.We often act this way because we want to fit in, rather than standing out from the crowd.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. What Rosaura does not realize is that she is trying to impress people, who think she is unequal to them. She got so caught up in being like all the other rich kids; She forgot she was the "daughter of the maid." Her mother told her if someone ever asked where she was from, she would have to say "[She's] the daughter of the employee" because she knew if her daughter said she was the daughter of a maid, the kids would understand she was unequal to them.One of the girls at the party asked Rosaura who she was, and of course Rosaura said she was a friend of Luciana's. Conclusion As soon as money was offered the real nature of the relationship becomes clear.She was a collaborator in Argentina literary magazine "The Paper Cricket" and founded, along with Castillo, The Golden Bug and The Platypus.She has published several short story books which have been collected in "Cuentos" (Alfaguara).


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