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Center and position the heading, TERMINOLOGY at the top of the page text area followed by two lines of space. The first letter of every extended form (the full wording) must be in line with one another. AVOID using the space bar because unevenness usually results.

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You might have seen ‘et al.’ (‘and others’), ‘ibid.’ (‘in the same place’) and ‘op cit.’ (‘in the work cited’) used for referencing sources.

The key is knowing which abbreviations are used in your subject area, especially in disciplines like law where Latin terms are very common.

However, the space between UNESCO and PV, and the space between UNESCO and WHC are double-spaced.

A good title reflects as briefly and precisely as possible, what the thesis is about including, when relevant, the type of participants and/or country of study.

Abstract The purpose of the abstract is to help the reader to quickly ascertain the purpose and conclusions of your thesis or in other words to understand why your thesis is important.

An abstract presents your problem formulation, methods and main results and describes how the thesis makes a difference in your field.Other common abbreviations include titles, measurements and dates: Whether to put a full stop after an abbreviation can be confusing, as rules vary.In the UK, we use a full stop when an abbreviation only includes the first part of a word (e.g. If an abbreviation uses the first and last letter of the word, no full stop is needed (e.g. In the US, full stops are added after all abbreviations except metric units of measurement.It's perfectly fine to define an abbreviation the first or second time you use a word and then continue to use it.You don't have to continually use the abbreviation after that, but there are not many reasons to switch back to using the full version.No particular style of presentation is recommended for the body of the thesis document (e.g. She is currently a candidate for the Master's degree in Chemistry at the University of Windsor and hopes to graduate in Fall of chapter headings and sub-headings, heading levels, style for references, etc.). From there she went on to the University of Western Ontario where she obtained a B. Acronyms and initialisms are abbreviations made from the first letter of each word in a phrase: ).But academic writing uses other Latin abbreviations too.A contraction omits letters to combine two words (e.g. These are common in everyday speech, but they are typically considered too informal for academic writing.Most dissertations include a list of abbreviations.


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