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Among the many arguments for and against slavery, examples are the Southerners argument that slavery was needed for their economy to keep up with that of the North, while Northerners regarded slavery as an evil, and argued that it violated the principle of 'freedom' the country was built on. It's not actually part of the thesis, but it is a useful part of the introduction. You might want to rephrase it so you draw a distinction between which arguments are for and which are against.

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Melanie, when you say "economically unnecessary because of their strong manufacturing potential", you might want to grammatically rephrase it.

It sounds as though it was morally wrong because of their manufacturing potential as well, and I know you only mean it for its economic unnecessity.

Many northern Americans were against slavery because they were more economically advanced then the south, and they felt that slavery was a threat to their theoretical values and interests.

The southern states were dependant on the northern industrial states, every article of merchandise, ships, mariners, naval architects all came from the north. The Northern states thought that the slavery should be abolished because of the new idea that it was morally wrong and unessacary for economic advancement but that idea was influenced by the Norths fast growing industrial city's. I would suggest connecting the first and the second.

Explain that cotton was directly connected to merchandise, ships, etc.


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