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Have you ever considered what would happen to the world today if Penicillin was never discovered by Alexander Fleming?If you haven’t, without the discovery of penicillin and the knowledge that Fleming shared to the science and the medical world, antibiotics would not have been be invented.

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Almost 40 years before Edison’s light bulb, two other inventors have patented their own version.

Unfortunately, the previous inventions was not efficient and affordable for commercial use and so it wasn’t successful and didn’t really impact the world in any way.

At the end, by using language Edison is able to introduce his light bulb and convince to the world that his invention is the best light bulb able to be commercialized making his personal knowledge turn into shared knowledge.

Hence by using the previous available knowledge that didn’t really impact the world the value of the knowledge is not diminished but unlocked with the proper application.

Therefore, sense perception, reason, and imagination working in conjunction create knowledge.

Language and memory play a big role in making that knowledge valuable since these allow people to apply the knowledge and spark innovations in the world. In this post I will show you my TOK Essay that I submitted to IB!You can use this to see what a TOK Essay looks like and I hope this will inspire you to create your best TOK Essay to submit to the .In mathematics there are hundreds of equations that we know.However, with all these would what we know be useless if we don’t actually use it to benefit our lives? 570 BC who was credited most famously in mathematics where he contributed the Pythagorean Theorem.Scientists predicted that hundreds of millions of people would have die without the discovery of penicillin.The worst case scenario would be that the earth’s population today could even be halved because without the application of the knowledge about penicillin we would have no antibiotics.The light bulb is considered one of the most influential inventions in the world.It gave humans the ability to control lighting anytime and anywhere just with a flick of a switch.It means therefore that application of knowledge greatly increases the value of the knowledge.As such when, ideas, facts, and skills are applied it is more likely for them to be useful.


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