Totality And Infinity An Essay On Exteriority

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Undoubtedly, his work is complex and takes time to mature.

However, once inside, we recognize that Levinas speaks to us from “outside” of theoretical knowledge.

The infinity is presented through the perception of the face which demands from me a meaningful response.

Levinas says that language is the means by which the is a dialogical moment, moment of address and response.

Ethics for Levinas does not mean a philosophical examination of the norms and standards of human behavior.

For him, Ethics is Metaphysics of the human person, which describes subjectivity through its relationship with the But transcendence aims only at the perfection and fulfillment of human being in his or her individual person.Regarding his life, first, we have his arrival in Strasbourg followed by the friendship with Maurice Blanchot. And just when the philosopher is acclimated the new epochal spirit, he begins to establish the building of his criticism.Thus, he published in 1930 his thesis Levinas is first known for his direct attacks on the thought of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger.Instead of seeing in that concept another way of inserting the other into our world, the philosopher raises a much more open relationship in which the Although in other thinkers the reflection on death leads to ethical proposals, it is not until Levinas that we can find a more systematic effort.An ethic in the strict sense of the term that derives from the death of the other.He evinces that God only can open the infinite aperture that characterizes human being and to fulfill the immensely great project called human being.A reflective life must rediscover the theo-centric self- transcendence that is in us.Also, this does not happen because of any adventurism.Moreover, it is not as simple as referring to the immigrant, the black, the helpless, the excluded or the poor.For the Lithuanian philosopher, the question is to think of this concept as an expression of “the orphan, the widow and the foreigner.” In other words, to think of the one who loses or has lost his relationship to the totality that surrounds him.It is above this relationship that we can re-build our connection with the world, and the things are part of it.


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