Traffic Assignment

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A solution algorithm for the model is designed as a cell-centered finite volume method for conservation law equations and a fast sweeping method for Eikonal-type equations on unstructured grids.Based on the fact, in this paper, we try to investigate modeling approach for the autonomous vehicles with environmental consideration.For autonomous vehicles, researchers proposed various models to describe the travel choice behaviors in urban area. [12] develop a mathematical model to characterize the routing behavior for autonomous vehicles on a transportation network with heterogeneous traffic stream consisting of both conventional vehicles and autonomous vehicles.Network equilibrium models are proposed for deploying time dependent managed lanes for autonomous vehicles. [13] present a mathematical model for formulate the network equilibrium model to capture the routing behaviors for autonomous vehicles.The model is assumed that the autonomous vehicles follow the user-optimum routing principle in some specific zones in urban networks.However, environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, snow, precipitation, etc.) cannot be controlled by autonomous vehicles operators, while operating characteristics (such as vehicle speed and parking times, and route choice behavior of road users) can be controlled [20]. [19] found that speed fluctuation and low speed will cause cars to generate more exhaust. [21] found that short time delay, minimum stopping times, and medium speed are the most appropriate conditions to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.Therefore, car exhaust should be considered during path selection to minimize the total travel cost including travel time and emissions.Numerical examples are given to demonstrate the model and the proposed solution algorithm.Further, the results of the travel cost considering Air pollution has a serious negative effect in many cities, such as Beijing, Tianjin, and Shenzhen, which brings great adverse effects on people’s health.This paper proposed a continuum dynamic model for autonomous vehicles in a polycentric urban city by considering the environment impact of traffic emission.The model assumes that homogeneous autonomous vehicles are continuously distributed over the urban areas which tend to choose a path to minimize their total travel cost from origin to destination.


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