Twelfth Night Essay Feminism

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While Sebastian doesn’t indicate that he has romantic feelings for Antonio, Antonio often expresses his adoration and love for Sebastian.

The intensity of his feelings seems to imply erotic interest, as when he tells Sebastian “I could not stay behind you.

Rather than getting angry with Viola for deceiving him, Orsino seems delighted, saying “I shall have share in this most happy wreck.” (V.i.) Yet he continues to address Viola as “Boy” or “Cesario” even after he knows Cesario is really Viola.

Perhaps the most overt references to homoeroticism in Twelfth Night come from the relationship between Sebastian and Antonio.

Shakespeare, having also lived in this time of change, could be trying to satisfy the people who are trying to find things out for themselves.

He could be trying to display to the people, and let the people question themselves, and wonder, whether females are who they were said to be, and men, likewise.

As it was the ‘period of change’, this play could have been written to change people’s ideas of females and males in general.

Since the olden days, women have always been viewed as emotional, irrational, petty people, and when compared to the men, not as able and capable.

Regardless, Twelfth Night presents us with many versions of love, and suggests love, in all its forms, is an overwhelmingly powerful force that characters are helpless to resist.

William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night as a Feminist Play The play Twelfth Night was written in the Elizabethan days, near the end of the ruling of Queen Elizabeth I.


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