Types Of Problem Solving

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The explanation of troubleshooting and problem solving was informative to me and helped explain why I’ve seen some resistance to 5why problem solving by front line supervision.

This section will help everyone better understand what type of problem they are dealing with.

I believe ultimate translation into different languages would widen the audience When I read a book, I try to evaluate it through two lenses – how will it help my department – the central continuous improvement group of the company, and secondly, how will it help the practitioners that my department supports. The history of problem solving, the comparison of different methodology is very good background material for those that need or want to understand the technical differences of those techniques – like individuals in my department.

The pragmatic, hands-on practitioners I support might skim those sections however they would read and use the section on Problem Solving Types 1-3.

In 2005, Art authored the Shingo Publication Award-winning workbook This is an excellent book that identifies key differences in how we solve problems.

I have incorporated these four approaches into my consultations in China and the workshop sponsors were so impressed that the purchased the book.

Art Smalley Art Smalley is a renowned expert specializing in leadership, problem solving, and operational improvement.

In the latter part of the 1980s Art was one of the first Americans to work for Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan, first studying at different universities in Japan and then learning the principles of TPS in the historic Kamigo engine plant where Taiichi Ohno was the founding plant manager.

The first step in truly collaborative creative thinking is understanding the roles that different types of thinkers play in the process of solving problems and evaluating new ideas.

Consider the following situations to help figure out where you fit.


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