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The living wall also reduces the threat of airborne pollutants simply by creating a more esthetically pleasing environment.

Two very different sisters, an unusual family, stardust versus accounting, astrology versus astronomy, rationalism versus mysticism...

The university was established in 2002 by a partnership of the University of Guelph and Humber College.

“The whole grand idea of getting an MFA is to get your writing to the place where you want it to be, and figuring out how to get a book published,” Mr. The ranks of Canada’s established and emerging authors are full of MFA-holding writers and graduates of that degree’s cousin: the creative writing-stream English MA.

“These programs are all producing writers, and very successful ones who are winning major prizes and getting book deals with major publishers,” says Ross Leckie, director of creative writing at the University of New Brunswick, which offers a creative-writing option English MA (a blend of lit courses, writing workshops and a creative thesis option). “We’re really far behind per capita,” says writer Darryl Whetter, an associate professor of English and creative writing at Université Sainte–Anne, a francophone university in Pointe-de-l’Église, Nova Scotia. currently offers dozens of Ph D programs on top of approximately 300 master’s-level writing programs.

is the poignant yet sprightly story of a family troubled by abandonment, accident, addiction, adoption, and death.

Centreing on the fraught relationship between Rachel — a cool-and-calculating actuary — and her half-sister, Emma, a poet songstress gifted with ESP, the novel moves between the "now" of funeral arrangements and the girlhood "then" of Etch-A-Sketch and Easy-Bake Oven, Wonder Woman and Harry Belafonte.

Guelph-Humber has no degree or college diploma granting power.

Graduates receive degree from the University of Guelph and diploma from Humber College.

You know sometimes you read a book and you feel as if it was written just for you?

That the messages and characters were written as such, just for you? Ridiculous as it may sound, Over Our Heads feels like my bespoke book and I urge you to try it, it might be yours too!


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