Usefulness Of Forests Essay

Many insects, spiders, snails, and worms make their homes in this rich soil.

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They have a moderate climate during the spring, summer, autumn (fall) and winter, with rainfall of at least 500mm a year.

Summers are warm and winters are cold, but not as cold as the northern coniferous forests.

Forests are very important and grow in many places around the world.

Temperature and rainfall are the two most important things for forests. Forests can exist from the equator to near the polar regions, but different climates have different kinds of forests.

Some animals that live in the coniferous forests are pine martens, deer, bears, caribou, moose, lynes, heavers, and birds such as grey owls, crossbills, and marblers.

Deciduous forests mostly grow in the temperate zone of North America, Europe and Asia.

Evergreen is coniferous forests stretch across Canada, Alaska, Northern Asia, and Northern Europe.

They are composed of conifers which produce seeds in cones.

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