Verizon Wireless For Business Plans

When I signed up, the Verizon store sales person told me that the only thing that would change would be the discounts which would go away and that I would be charged activation fees on new devices.

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In almost all cases, the plans will be cheaper per-person if you activate multiple lines.

For example, the monthly rate for one line on an unlimited plan would be $75 while getting four lines would bring the per-person cost down to $40 per month.

I've checked with our corporate business rep who's told us the same stuff.

Not sure if it varies by region or what not FYI to those looking into business plans: the customer service/support sucks.

It's tough to find a rep who is well trained in SMB, but they're out there.

You can have 1 line on a business, then you'll at least get all the benefits of waived act fees, upgrade fees, extended return policy, no restock fees...The service representatives have been unhelpful 99% of the time when dealing with these issues. Most stores can help with any small/medium business accounts.The customer service is only open weekdays so that is a downside.The wide variety of plans and pricing details leave you with a lot to think about.So, whether you’re shopping alone or with friends and family members, we’ll help you understand Verizon’s mobile plans and what you’ll pay.It was the first US carrier to launch a true 5G network, and now its available in select parts of Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, St. It’s available for the Moto Z3, Moto Z4, LG V50 and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.So, you have the option of jumping onto one of its top unlimited data plans for access to that service, which we’ve seen deliver data speeds in excess of 1Gbps in a 5G speed test.You could go with the ultimate unlimited data plan and get a mountain of high-speed data and every perk offered, but you might be paying for more than you need.You could also go an affordable route with a pre-paid plan that offers small data allotments to fit your specific needs.I like the idea of having a hard line phone that is capable of HD voice calling to Verizon and possibily at&t customers.So, I recently signed up for a business account ( plus taxes for unlimited V, T, D with attainment tier 5-99 with 8% off on accessories, an 8% line access fee discount, and waived activation fees).


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