Video Addiction Essay Conclusion

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As the ‘mind-blowing’ graphic resolution becomes more available, users are promised ‘real entertainment’ in these virtual worlds, by creating a more realistic gaming experience.

The most commonly played games are action games; these games encourage the development of aggressive characteristics to emerge in gamers, as they have a large amount of violence due to their fast-paced nature.

The second objective is to explain the key factors which lead to violent, aggressive and anti-social behavior and the extreme lengths to which the gaming industry will go to in order to reap the advantages of video games.

The investigation also presents an outline of the current rating and censorship systems in Australia, which has resulted in some violent video games being banned for their violent and inappropriate content.

Therefore the ever growing hype that surrounds these technological gadgets is unprecedented even in the world of gamers, causing many adolescents to perceive video games consoles as a necessity in their lives, rather than an accessory.

Video Addiction Essay Conclusion

The impact of video gaming has been a debated issue for many years, and consequently the problem appears to be influencing many of my peers therefore I took this opportunity to explore the effect of video games on society.

The electronic systems used to play video games are known as platforms which range from: personal computers, video game consoles and small handheld devices and through these platforms video and sound are produced to interact with the user (Video Game 2009).

The advancements in gaming consoles have become a major factor in promoting video game addiction, and therefore amplifying the video game influence among users.

In particular the transition to LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display) and plasma televisions, which introduced a gratifying experience for gamers through the addition of surround sound speaker systems and improved graphic resolution.

Subsequently the enlargement of graphic interface screens also added to the attractiveness of video games, as the screen sizes increased from 14 inch up to the unprecedented size of 65 inch (LCD television 2010).


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