What Is A Market Analysis In A Business Plan

The market analysis is also known as a documented investigation of a market that is used to inform a firm's planning activities, particularly around decisions of inventory, purchase, work force expansion/contraction, facility expansion, purchases of capital equipment, promotional activities, and many other aspects of a company.Market segmentation is the basis for a differentiated market analysis. One main reason is the saturation of consumption, which exists due to the increasing competition in offered products.

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It defines the upper limit of the total demand and takes potential clients into consideration.

Although the market potential is rather fictitious, it offers good values of orientation.

The quantities can be given in technical terms, like GW for power capacities, or in numbers of items.

Qualitative measuring mostly uses the sales turnover as an indicator.

The market size is defined through the market volume and the market potential.

The market volume exhibits the totality of all realized sales volume of a special market.

Market segmentation is an important way to find competitive advantage with its differentiation in market analysis.

Market segmentation concentrates on market energy and power to gain competitive advantage.

Through all of these analyses, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of a company can be identified.

Finally, with the help of a SWOT analysis, adequate business strategies of a company will be defined.


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