What Is The Main Purpose Of Critical Thinking

What Is The Main Purpose Of Critical Thinking-4
On the other hand, critical thinking is employed in organizations, business areas and the like.

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One way of helping to focus your critical thinking is by considering the 6 W's: Thinking critically is a skill that is taught at school and university BUT its main purpose is to better equip you to understand the world, to make more sense of the vast amount of information that is available to us and to avoid, being manipulated. It is vital in our everyday lives to be able to question why people are saying things to us be it the government, our friends or the advertising industry.

If we accepted everything we heard and read and saw, without question, we would be open to constant abuse and manipulation.

• The mind is free to wander about in Creative thinking, but in the case of Critical thinking it is not so.

We often make the mistake of confusing being critical with being negative or "nit-picking" and this is unfortunate.

• Creative thinking is generative in purpose whereas critical thinking is analytical in purpose.

• Critical thinking is selective, but creative thinking is not selective.

One of the features of Critical thinking is that it is not so expansive like creative thinking.

In fact, it can be said that critical thinking is judgmental in nature.

This highlights a need to be original and to think outside of the box. In fact, it can be said that the sky is the limit for creative thinking. It allows the person to break away from the usual barriers and imagine the unimaginable. The mind is free to think anything creative in the case of creative thinking.

If a person is continuously paying attention to the limitations and boundaries, it is quite difficult to be creative. Unlike in the case of Critical thinking where you are bound to make some choices, in Creative Thinking it is different.


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