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How many thoughtful Catholic high school students will stick around in a church that is capable of that kind of behavior? Paul-Minneapolis Archbishop John Nienstedt sent one of his priests to speak at a mandatory high school assembly just before Minnesota was to vote on an anti-gay-marriage constitutional amendment.The priest, in attempting to influence soon-to-be voting age seniors, told the students that single parents and adopted children are not normal.A Catholic high school fired a gay vice principal after he married his partner.

At another point in the interview, Gates opines, “…

I think what this pope sees is that if we are going to lift people out of poverty, you have to do the right thing for women.” By “right thing”, she, of course, means giving and promoting artificial contraception to women in poverty. How does Gates gauge whether a certain thing or activity is “right” or not?

A married Catholic couple presenting with the priest compared same-sex marriage to bestiality.

The students didn't buy it and the voters of Minnesota rejected the constitutional amendment.

The Pew Research Center's Religion and Public Life Project reports that four out of five Catholics who have left the church and haven't joined another church did so before the age of 24.

One can point to an increasingly secular, materialistic culture as a factor in this exodus.The real question is how many thoughtful Catholic high school students will be turned off by a church that can treat people this harshly, and how many will walk away before they are 24.Cleveland Bishop Richard Lennon fired a teacher at a Catholic high school from her job when the diocese read the obituary of her mother's death and discovered the teacher was a lesbian.Neither is it valid to argue, as a justification for sexual intercourse which is deliberately contraceptive, that a lesser evil is to be preferred to a greater one [i.e., poverty] … At this point, I’d like to make clear that we could talk about a number of issues that modern Catholics dissent on; from state sanctioned homosexual marriage to abortion, to in vitro fertilization and cloning, to the benefits of Freemasonry.But as this contraception issue is in the news now, let’s focus on this avenue as we try to show why a rejection of Church teaching on one issue of faith or morals necessarily entails a rejection of Jesus’ Church (not to mention, a rejection of Jesus Himself) as a whole.You're going to have to work overtime and the Holy Spirit is going to have to work overtime to offset the hypocrisy, insensitivity, dishonesty and stupidity of some of your leaders, to offset their capacity, whether they intend it or not, to fan the flames of discrimination and homophobia and cause many young people struggling with their sexuality to continue to feel inferior, rejected and sometimes suicidal.If our church is left in the hands of these bishops, we are on track to become a shrinking, increasingly irrelevant cult -- not a source of appeal for thoughtful Catholic high school students.In a radio interview for the BBC, Gates made it clear that she and the Pope “agree to disagree” on the morality of contraception.Gates went on to say, “It’s been a while since [the Catholic Church] revisited this topic [of contraception] — but I’m still optimistic that they might [change the teaching] over time.” This is a reference to Blessed Pope Paul VI’s remarkable encyclical Similarly excluded is any action which either before, at the moment of, or after sexual intercourse, is specifically intended to prevent procreation — whether as an end or as a means.We call this authority the Magisterium of the Church. The People unfailingly adheres to this faith, penetrates it more deeply with right judgment, and applies it more fully in daily life.” Large numbers of Catholics worldwide ignore the Magisterium on a variety of subjects.Before we continue, it’s necessary that we understand exactly what this Magisterium is. [T]his Magisterium is not superior to the Word of God, but is its servant. At the divine command and with the help of the Holy Spirit, it listens to this devotedly, guards it with dedication and expounds it faithfully. Since they ignore and dissent from this “sacred teaching authority”, they are faced with a dilemma.


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