Why Do We Have To Have Homework

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What this article didn’t discuss is the advent of video games and cellphones in modern students’ lives.

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I am already too tired to do my homework well and I am very tired for the next day.

I think if we go to school for eight hours a day, we should not have to do any more school.

I would estimate that most sophomores I teach have about 60 to 90 minutes of homework every night if you combine my class (world history), math, English, etc.

I always think intentionally about the homework I give, focusing on the purpose and value of each assignment.

Instead children while away hours immersed in their phones or video games, learning nothing and actually harming themselves physically, socially, and emotionally.

At least with academic pursuits like homework, the time spent could have some meaningful effect on their future.Our innovative approach never referred to homework.Instead students were enabled by the methods we used to educate themselves at the pace at which they wished to proceed.“As many children, not to mention their parents and teachers, are drained by their daily workload, some schools and districts are rethinking how homework should work—and some teachers are doing away with it entirely.They’re reviewing the research on homework,” Pinsker wrote, “and concluding that it’s time to revisit the subject.”I am 12 years old.I also agree that homework is totally unnecessary since it does nothing but stress me out—and I can still get good and possibly better grades without homework because I can go to bed earlier and will be more awake and alert come the next day, so I can learn more.As a second-year high-school teacher, I found your recent article on homework to be compatible with much of my own thinking and training on this subject.Eliminating homework—or similar policies, like not grading it—address the symptoms of a system that bases student worth on scores, not effort and character.Maybe it’s not a question of how much: It’s a question of what environment homework is in.Many of my students have jobs, take care of siblings, and/or participate in after-school activities.While some of these young people are high-achieving students with lots of support, others struggle to complete any homework given the physical, emotional, and mental demands they balance at school, work, and home.


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