Wizard Of Earthsea Thesis

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According to her, he is the only one who could use such a powerful stone, but he again refuses such power, even as she promises that it will save him from the shadow.

He realizes that she is lying, that if he touches the stone it will take him; his own refusal protects him: “It is very hard for evil to take hold of the unconsenting soul.” He narrowly escapes the castle’s traps.

Transformed into a hawk, he flies north to his homeland.

Ged finds his old mentor Ogion, who recognizes him as a hawk and lifts the transformation spell from him.

He decides to handle the dragon problem on the neighboring island.

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He battles and kills several of the young dragons before meeting the old dragon, who offers to help Ged with the shadow-beast.She is not a very good or powerful witch, and half of what she knows is fake, but she does what she can to teach him the true names of creatures and how to do minor magic.When his village is raided, he uses weather magic to summon fog to help the villagers escape and fight back, an act that makes him famous enough to catch the attention of the local wizard, Ogion, who takes the thirteen-year-old under his wing.Ged finally meets the shadow, and names it “Ged.” Ged and the shadow become one, and Ged becomes healed and whole.This novel is widely considered one of the most important and influential books in the fantasy genre, especially since it features a young wizard of color instead of the traditionally old, white Gandalf-figure.He strikes up a rivalry with a boy named Jasper, who infuriates Ged.When Ged is fifteen, he challenges Jasper to a magical duel and attempts to summon a spirit.Trying to heal a dying child, he accidentally crosses the threshold between life and death, which is where the shadow-beast lives.When he wakes, he knows the shadow-beast is near because his facial scars ache.Ged proves an irascible, sullen, and impatient student.When he foolishly attempts a spell above his training to impress a girl, Ogion sends him to wizard school.


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