Words Left Unspoken Thesis

To See the Words Unspoken is Ludington’s first exhibition at the Project Space.For more information on the exhibition, there is a Facebook event page with details about the gallery.

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Read More: The Project Space: Where art lives in downtown Phoenix "This (space) is more experimental," Morales said.

"Artists aren’t pressured and don’t need to feel that they have finished work, in that sense.

She said her goal is to start a dialogue about how comments about an individual's identity, both internal and external, shape who that person ultimately becomes.

She chose include the words "empty and full," which she will use to create a discussion about motherhood.

“I think textiles, because they’re so intimately connected in our lives — we think about beds, sheets and towels — see and are part of the most intimate and secret times in our lives, as well as the most public, so we trust them more and relate to them,” she said.

Erika Lynne Hanson, an ASU Herberger Institute professor of fiber and socially engaged practices, explained the historical aspect of Ludington’s exhibition, citing Uzbek suzani as a source of inspiration for the performative aspects of the work.

To See the Words Unspoken, part of Ludington's thesis project as an ASU art graduate student, is an interactive gallery where viewers are invited to join in the artistic process.

Ludington created five panels of fabric, each embroidered with words that have significant meaning to her.

She has been an author, a writing instructor, and an interpreter, but most importantly – a loving granddaughter.

She writes directly to families or friends associated with deafness.


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