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Please note that manuscripts not conforming to these guidelines may be returned.

Please note that manuscripts not conforming to these guidelines may be returned.

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2.3 Acknowledgements All contributors who do not meet the criteria for authorship should be listed in an Acknowledgements section.

Examples of those who might be acknowledged include a person who provided purely technical help, or a department chair who provided only general support. from a specialist communications company, do not qualify as authors and so should be included in the Acknowledgements section.

In combination, these strands make Pi HG the most innovative, distinctive and wide-ranging journal of human geography today.

They enable it to offer critically informed and diverse accounts of the intellectual traditions and contemporary developments that shape and direct human geographical research and teaching.

Principal authorship, authorship order, and other publication credits should be based on the relative scientific or professional contributions of the individuals involved, regardless of their status.

A student is usually listed as principal author on any multiple-authored publication that substantially derives from the student’s dissertation or thesis.Wherever possible, you should explore cross-disciplinary links and evaluate the wider intellectual and, where relevant, the wider practical significance of your arguments and the research to which they relate.As a journal concerned primarily with critical reviews of current issues (philosophical, conceptual, theoretical, topical, methodological, ethical and political) in human geography, does not publish the results of empirical work or accounts of detailed cases.Sometimes the inclusion of some empirical and/or methodological illustration in a paper submitted to the journal may be helpful in presenting the wider argument.But a paper which is primarily concerned with reporting detailed cases or the results of empirical work, no matter how well founded that work is in wider conceptual and methodological contexts, is probably not suited to and might best be sent to another journal.Additional resources may be published electronically as supplements to published papers.The highly influential and much-cited Progress Reports are commissioned by the editors to provide critical summaries of work in the sub-disciplines of human geography.House Republicans intend to vote in order to block President’s Barack Obama executive actions in the peer-review journal of choice for those wanting to know about the state of the art in all areas of human geography research - philosophical, theoretical, thematic, methodological or empirical.Pi HG Lectures are delivered to the annual conferences of RGS-IBG and AAG and then usually published in a post peer review form.Click here for an example of a Progress Report Click herefor an example of a Pi HG Lecture REVIEWS includes Book Review Symposia that allow extended and multiply authored critiques of significant works with a response from the author.


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