Writing A Professional Research Paper

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Proponents of low-carb diets say they are not only the most effective way to lose weight, but they also yield health benefits such as lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels.

Meanwhile, some doctors claim that low-carb diets are overrated and caution that their long-term effects are unknown.

The body provides details about the study, such as who participated in it, what the researchers measured, and what results they recorded.

The conclusion presents the researchers’ interpretation of the data, or what they learned.

Write the introductory paragraph of your research paper.

Try using one of the techniques listed in this section to write an engaging introduction.One of the challenges of writing a research paper is successfully integrating your ideas with material from your sources.Your paper must explain what you think, or it will read like a disconnected string of facts and quotations.Many writers like to begin with one of the following catchy openers: The next few sentences place the opening in context by presenting background information.From there, the writer builds toward a thesis, which is traditionally placed at the end of the introduction.A scientific paper begins with an abstract that briefly summarizes the entire paper.The introduction explains the purpose of the research, briefly summarizes previous research, and presents the researchers’ hypothesis.If you find yourself struggling to write an engaging introduction, you may wish to write the body of your paper first.Writing the body sections first will help you clarify your main points. You may have a better sense of how to introduce the paper after you have drafted some or all of the body.For this reason, some writers prefer to write their conclusions soon after they have written their introduction. Other writers prefer to write their conclusion at the end of the paper, after writing the body paragraphs.No process is absolutely right or absolutely wrong; find the one that best suits you.


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