Writing An Evaluation Paper

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The response is “I think this film is interesting/boring/too long …” etc.

The review should not just be argued, but also built according to certain rules.

Usually information like “I like this film” won’t help you make a decision, while a detailed evaluation will reveal all necessary information.

An evaluation essay as any academic writing requires critical thinking skills.

You need to support your point of view with examples that will make the reader take your side.

If you want to write an evaluation essay and get high grades, you will surely need a plan! If the tutor gave you an assignment, don’t skip the opportunity to carefully examine it. If you were not assigned with a particular topic, you will need to choose one by yourself.Also, you need to have knowledge about technical characteristics and new features so your evaluation will be complete. But before you start writing, think about the features of an ideal movie or restaurant. For example, what criteria can be considered when evaluating and analyzing a book?You can consider anything else: style, content, ideas, etc. Thesis restatement You can change this sample outline as you wish according to your topic.If during the reading of the literature or watching the movie you have taken notes, then at the end of this process you will be ready to represent the approximate scope of the future review. You will proceed from one point to another like a tourist with a road map. The key role of the introduction is to grab the reader’s attention and briefly tell what your essay is about, so that after reading several sentences, there will be no desire to close the essay and never to return again.Along with the facts, you will need supporting information from a variety of sources. By the way, two or three sentences are quite enough for the introductory part.Note: Don’t pick a topic that you don’t know well enough.For example, to evaluate a new i Phone you need to buy one and already have experience with previous versions. First, you need to think about criteria that you will be describing in the first part of the body section.To write a good evaluation essay you should be able to skip your emotions and proceed to an objective overview of the topic.This will allow you to find the truth about the real worth of the subject.The review is a kind of feedback, but it has a significant difference.Feedback expresses, as a rule, a personal assessment and contains a subjective view without fundamental justification.


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