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If our alligator attack story were a novel instead, you might take some time out to tell the reader some interesting history of Everglades National Park, to give some background about the birds the soon-to-be-widow is trying to capture with her camera -- or about the species of alligator that's trying to capture her unfortunate husband on its teeth. I was at the beach with my parents but then a scar (a tornado) swept … Secrets Can Be Deadly and Other Very Short Stories Death of a loved one knows no manners and cares not whether you are prepared for arrival. The word circulated around his head, and above all else, seemed to stick there.When you're writing very short stories, you can't afford scenic detours -- you have to stick to the path (as our unfortunate hero should have done). If you want to create the effect of a detailed picture but don't have room for a lot of details, the trick is to choose the right ones. The fact that our doomed hero's hotel room has a king-sized bed, two dressers, a desk, and a desk chair doesn't paint a mental picture of any specific place. Ghost of the Auto Mechanic and Other Very Short Stories It all started with that man... He suddenly felt it hit him like a sack of bricks; the loneliness, …"I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the lessons and feel they were very helpful in introducing new ideas and perspectives to my writing.When you face difficulties choosing what to write about or the topic seems to be too controversial or complicated, drafting an outline is one of the most effective ways to start off writing an essay.

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In order to be understood by the readers, you need to keep your arguments separate and develop each one of them in different paragraphs.

In fact, such division will help you stay focused without losing the line of thought.

The main body is the largest part of your essay, but when you are done with that it doesn’t mean you are done writing.

Now you need to provide a clear summary of all points and arguments in a concluding paragraph.

Thus, you need to try making each argument objective, narrow, and specific.

Although there are no strict guidelines on how to write each body paragraph, you may use some advice from the experienced writers: Such organization of arguments from the strongest to the weakest will help your readers better understand your point as well as it will convince them in to take your side on the issue/topic.

All information needs to be appropriately and coherently listed so that readers could enjoy smooth reading and actually understand your claims.

If in the course of your research and preparation of your essay you found nice quotes, dates, names that could help you discuss the topic better, use them in the main body section to illustrate the facts and provide examples.

If essay topic is difficult, most you will have more paragraphs since you would need more space to discuss all the details of the topic.

If the essay topic is very narrow, one or two paragraphs should usually be enough.


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