Writing Paper For Fountain Pens

Now with a fountain pen, you can also add pressure and the more pressure you add, the wider your pen stroke gets.

That can be really nice for a signature or you want to get a calligraphy effect when you write.

If you get something that is too thick and it dries too quickly, it will clog up your fountain pen and you’ll have to constantly clean it.

The great part about fountain pen ink is that it comes in hundreds of different colors and it’s a great way to express your personality through your ink.

As Murphy’s Law has it, you never have a pen when you need it so it really pays to make a fountain pen part of your everyday carry so you always have it handy when you need it.

Because of the nib and the ink feed, you get more ink onto the paper.

When you start out, you might think that all ink are alike and you can just buy the cheapest one out there and it’ll do a good job. If you have calligraphy pens, they use a different ink.

If you have a fountain pen, you should always go with a specific fountain pen ink. Basically, they have a different chemical composition that is best for fountain pens.

Especially if you’re on a plane, the cabin pressure changes over time and if your nib faces down or if it’s horizontal, chances are ink is pushed outside of the pen and either you get a stain on your jacket or the next time you open your pen, all your fingers are going to be full of ink.

Now a good ink is very colorfast so you can’t just go to the bathroom and wash it off.


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